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How to choose stainless steel pressure gauge2017-07-24

Stainless steel pressure gauge generally used materials are SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L and SUS321 etc. Because different materials make the pressure gauges have different characteristics, we should choice pressure gauge according to their using environment. Xi'an Automation Instrument No.1 Factory which has years of production experience analyze stainless steel pressure gauge material as following:

1. SUS304 stainless steel pressure gauges are with good corrosion resistance and heat resistance. Its low temperature strength, mechanical behavior and stamping bending performance is good, no heat treatment hardening phenomenon, non-magnetic.

2. SUS316 stainless steel pressure gauges are with a particularly good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Even in very hard environment, SUS316 can be used very well. Its processing hardening is good, non-magnetic.

3. SUS316L stainless steel pressure gauge, its carbon content is lower than SUS316 type, so its anti-intergranular corrosion is better than SUS316L and with high temperature creep strength.

4. SUS321 stainless steel pressure gauge is added Ti in the 304 type, its anti-intergranular corrosion and high temperature antioxidant is excellent. But the cost is higher, processing is also poor.

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