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How to choose a mechanical dial pressure gauge?2017-06-10

How to choose a mechanical dial pressure gauges?


Mechanical dial pressure gauges usually are the most common used pressure gauges, they include general pressure gauges which is made of steel or plastic case and brass internal, Shock resistance pressure gauges which are made of stainless steel case and brass internal, usually it’s oil filled or oil fill-able. Stainless steel pressure gauges which is made of all stainless steel.


When you plan to buy a mechanical dial pressure gauge for your equipment, your machine or other places, firstly you should confirm the environment the pressure gauges will face, if it’s common environment, no corrosion, no big shock, and the ambient temperature is between -40~70, so the common pressure gauges is enough for you. If there is big shock, but without corrosion, you’d better choose shock resistance pressure gauge with oil. If there is corrosion, you must choose stainless steel pressure gauges. If with corrosion and with big shock, you can choose the all stainless steel pressure gauges with oil filled. Thank you.


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