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Knowledge about electric contact pressure gauge2017-09-09

The electric contact pressure gauge consists of measuring system, indicating system, magnetic electric contact device, case, adjusting device and electric connection block.

1. The electric contact pressure gauge is actually a circuit switch operated by the pressure gauge, which is add a electric contact signal device on an ordinary pressure gauge . Therefore, the calibration of the electric contact pressure gauge is the same as that of the general pressure gauge, but after passing pressure parts calibration, there still need to calibrate the electric contact signal device. 

2. The electric contact pressure gauge calibration steps are as following:

Install pressure gauge on the calibrator, using the needle to set the two signal contact pointer to the upper and lower limit, and then begin calibration. 

After the indication adjustment, set the upper and lower limit signal contact pointer separately at three or more different test points, slowly increase or decrease the pressure until moment when the signal sent out.

The reading deviation between the standard pressure gauge and the signal pointer of electric contact pressure gauge shouldn’t exceed the absolute value of the allowable basic error.

3. The electric contact signal premature or late, shows the contact position is not correct or contact metal rod loosen, If contact position is not correct, correct the contact to the proper occurrence of the signal. If contact metal rod loosening, should fix it, if the situation is slight, could appropriate amplifying hairspring to try to fix.

4. The electric contact device have no signal, the reasons are: the contact is dirty or poor, signal device insulation is damp or circuit obstruction and so on. How to solve it? If the contact is too dirty, please clean dirt with sandpaper; If the insulation is damp, please dry by hot air. If circuit is blocked , please disconnect the circuit and repair it.

5. The electric contact pressure gauge has movable contacts on its pointer, and there are two adjustable pointers on the dial with contacts too. The upper limit is determined by the given upper limit pointer’s static contact. When the pressure exceeds the upper limit value, the moving contact is contacted with the static contact, The red light circuit is connected and the red light is turned on.

The lower limit of the pressure is determined by given lower limit pointer’s static contact.  When the pressure lower than the low limit value, the moving contact is contacted with the static contact, The green light circuit is connected and the green light is turned on.