Xi'an Automation Instrument No.1 Factory



Our promise

        Our products are all 100% inspected, and with standard production process. With international standards and strictly follow with ISO9001:2008 standard.


Basic principles for our after-sales service:

1. Customer first

2. To the laws, regulations and relevant provisions as a criterion, based on facts

3. Firmly safeguard the overall image of the enterprise


Complaint resolution process

1.Customers send products quality problems to our salesmen, if attach photos which will be much appreciated.

2.Salesmen submit problems to production department, technology department, inspection department, workshops and other department related to the problems.

3.If the quality is for production problems, the production department manager should have meeting with inspection department and workshop to come up with improving way, and inspection department will supervise the workshop to implement the reform measures.

4.If the quality is for technical problem, technology department should get the reform measure about improving products construction, welding process, equipment effects etc. and after customers confirm the reform measure well, production department using new technical craft from technology department to improve the quality.

5.Salesmen feedback the result to customers.


        Remarks: All reform measures from Production or technology department should have official documents as the basis.