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How to maintain Bi-metal thermometer?2017-11-16

How to maintain Bi-metal thermometer?

Bi-metal thermometer is a field measuring instrument for measuring middle and low temperature, mainly used for various industries of liquid, gas, steam and other media. Bi-metal thermometer in using will have some troubles and wears which will influence user's normal testing. So its product maintenance is indispensable. The following methods are for the Bi-metal thermometer maintenance, I hope it will be helpful for you.

Bi-metal thermometer maintenance points:

1. Bi-metal thermometer in the custody, installation, use and transport process, should avoid collision for thermowell, do not make thermowell bending, deformation. Do not twist the instrument case during installation.

2.The Bi-metal thermometer should normal work in ambient temperature of -30 ~ 80 .

3.The work scale for bi-thermometer is better in the range of 1/2 to 3/4 scale.

4.The immersed length of Bi-metal thermometer thermowell in the measured medium must be longer than the length of the temperature sensing element, generally the immersion length should longer than 100mm, For 0-50 range, its immersion length should longer than 150mm, so that to ensure the accuracy of measurement.

5.Bi-metal thermometers should not be used to measure the temperature of the medium in the open container, electric contact thermometer should not be used in the control loop where the work vibration is very big.

6.Normally he used thermometer should be regularly inspected. Generally every six months is appropriate. Electrical contact thermometer is not allowed to work under strong vibration, so as not to affect the reliability of the contacts.