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How to identify the quality of pressure gauge2017-08-26

Pressure gauges are the most commonly used instrument for industrial production. They are mainly use elastic elements as sensitive parts to measure and indicate pressure. The pressure gauge is widely used in various industries, so it is very important to learn how to distinguish the quality of a pressure gauge.

No. 1 Inspection for the appearance

1. When you get the pressure gauge, please carefully check the package, whether the box is well and clear.

2. After taking the pressure gauge, please carefully check the appearance of the pressure gauge. The case should smooth, no rust, the welding should be smooth without cracks.

3. Dial should clear for reading, gauge glass is no stain.

4. In the absence of pressure, for pressure gauge which with pin, its pointer should be close to the pin. For pressure gauge without pin, the pointer should be located at zero.

5. For liquid pressure gauge, the liquid should be clear and transparent without impurities, the liquid level should be located at the 1/3 to 1 /4 top of the case.

No.2 Calibration Equipment

1. Select appropriate calibration equipment to check its accuracy.

No.3 Accuracy rating inspection

1. Indication error, Indication inspection is according to the scale marked with the number. In inspection, Stably increase or decrease pressure gradually, when pressure increase to up limit, cut off the pressure source, and do static pressure for three minutes, then release pressure back as original test point stably.

2. Back and forth error, when check for the same point, the absolute value of permission error when doing increase and decrease pressure inspection.

3. Friction error, increase and decrease pressure checking period, when tapping pressure gauge case, the friction error is no more than 1/2 of the absolute value for permission error.