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TP-22 Portable manual hydraulic pump

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TP-22 Portable manual hydraulic pump

TP-22 Portable manual hydraulic pump

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Product Introduction

TP-22 Portable manual hydraulic pump is consists of pressurized pump, hand pressure pump, Fine-tune valve, Check valve and Output Interface. Its with high sealing performance, steady boost pressure, speed boost, effort and simple operation.


Performance characteristics

◆ Good sealing performance

◆ Boost smooth, fast boost speed

◆ Effort, simple operation


Main Specifications

◆ Pressure range: (-0.085 ~ 60) MPa

◆ Stability: 0.05% F • S

◆ Output interface: M20 × 1.5 female thread

◆ Working medium: 25 # transformer oil or water

◆ Dimensions: 180mm*320*mm*150mm

◆ Weight: 5kg

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