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YS Series Piston-type Pressure Gauge

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YS Series Piston-type Pressure Gauge

YS Series Piston-type Pressure Gauge

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Application description

YS series Piston-type Pressure instrument is designed and developed by our manufacturer
according to state’s latest calibration regulations of piston-type manometer and JJG59-2007
requirements. It is a standard instrument of high accuracy, high reproduction and high reliability. It is
designed based on Pascal law and balance theory of hydrostatics. It is mainly used in measurement
room, laboratory or applied as standard instrument during production or scientific experiment. It
also can be used for detection of other instruments during detection procedure demanding high

Function and features

1Through elaborate polishment, piston and piston rod are all made of scleroid alloy of tungsten
carbide material which is of high endurance, high hardness, coefficient of linear expansion in low
temperature. Its features are low expansion factor, little deformation, so the rate of change of
piston efficient area is low and it is stable and well adaptive to various environment.
Because of new material, new technology, new processing, the new piston-type manometer gets
improved in many aspects of technical index. Thus, it is widely used for calibrating digital pressure manometers, accurate pressure manometers, pressure transmitter, pressure transducer, etc.
Weights can be directly added on piston via weight frame due to low loading center of gravity.
The piston moves stably and pressure barely waves and the value is correct.
The pressure medium above 25MPa is di-iso-octyl sebacate of low viscosity which can keep the
manometer highly sensitive.
All the weights are made of nonmagnetic stainless steel(weight of 0.05 is made of carbon steel).
6 Working position of piston is detected by displacement sensor. Upper and lower distance is
±1.5mm. The instrument obviously is sensitive, distinct and accurate.
Wide measuring range, at 1MPa of lower limit, the basic error is ±0.01%±0.02%±0.05%
Function: value-transmitting piston-type manometer, calibrating digital manometer, accurate
pressure manometer and pressure transducer, etc.

9Material of piston: alloy of high hardness (tungsten carbide).
Material of weights: stainless steel: carbon steel.
Working medium: transducer oil or the mixture of transducer oil and kerosene oil if the pressure
is below 25MPa; di-iso-octyl sebacate if the pressure is above 25MPa.

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