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Piston-type Vacuum Pressure instrument

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Piston-type Vacuum Pressure instrument

Piston-type Vacuum Pressure instrument

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Piston-type Vacuum Pressure instrument is mainly used for calibrating accurate pressure instruments, whose accuracy is 0.16, 0.25 and 0.4, transmitting pressure instruments, calibration pressure instruments, pressure transmitters, etc. Its stability, importance and accuracy is widely appreciatory. Compared with other pressure metrical instruments, the measuring results of vacuum pressure instrument of piston type are highly workable and stable, so it is widely used.

◎Function and features

1. Developed from the core technology of our manufacturer, the pressure instrument conforms to the calibration standards of state measure: Vacuum Pressure instrument of Piston Type JJG236-2009.
2. Two stop valves are installed on the connects of two calibrated instruments. The stop valves can close the pressure between calibrated systems. When adding weights on vacuum pressure instrument of piston type, the piston must be dropped by reducing pressure, while if accurate pressure instruments, pressure transmitter and transducer to be calibrated are not able to be stopped, the pressure inside instruments will increase and decrease with the piston going up and down. Then, the return error of calibrated instruments cannot be checked out. It does not conform to the requirements of calibration standards of accurate pressure instruments, pressure transmitter and pressure transducer, etc.
3. Through elaborate polish, the piston and piston tube result in little error and the interstice is tiny. It largely increases the rotation time of piston, thus decreasing the falling speed of piston and improving the resolving ability of piston.
4. The weights have gone through the correction of pressure distortion factor and local gravity.
5. Measuring range: nominal measuring range is identical to actual measuring range.
6. It can be used for delivery of calibrating piston pressure instrument; and also for testing as high accuracy.
7. Use quick connect definitely without leakage when calibrating two instruments simultaneously.
8. No need for air source from outside.
Main technical parameters of YS-0.25 vacuum pressure instrument of piston type includes:
durable time of piston rotation, falling speed of piston, effective area of piston group, weight of sensitive valve, loading pallet, connecting components, and exclusive-use weights. The state has specified specific technical standards and corresponding measuring ways with regard to the
parameters of vacuum pressure of piston type. In the procedure of production and weekly checking, those parameters should by strictly obeyed. Operators should be equipped with some knowledge of it. What must be well familiar with are: model selection parameters of vacuum pressure instrument of piston type, including: specifications, measuring ranges, accuracy, working medium, weight group, standard connect, etc. Those are key model selection parameters. Therefore we introduce you the technical parameters of YS-0.25 vacuum pressure instrument of piston type.

◎Main technical parameters



Measuring range

- 0.1~0.25MPa


cl.0.02, cl.0.05

Instrument thread


Standard weight

1 weight -0.01MPa, 4 weights -0.02MPa, 2 weights -0.05MPa
2 weights 0.01MPa, 3 weights 0.02MPa, 3 weights 0.05MPa
Connect thread: M20*1.5/M14*1.5

Working medium

Clean pressed air or bottled nitrogen

Structural features

with fine adjustment device

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