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Medical pressure reducer

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Medical pressure reducer

Medical pressure reducer

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◎Application Description

This product can be directly installed on oxygen cylinder and its output flow can be adjusted freely. Cylinder, nasal oxygen cannula and the product together make up a oxygen-supplier device, which is an ideal portable device to emergency supply oxygen for anoxic, breathless and dyspneic patients. It is a medical device necessary for public places such as medical units, long-distance bus stations, assembly room, theatre and so on.

The product can also be applied in environment pollution, special working, scientific research unit and emergent usage of small-scale welding and cutting.

◎Main Technology Data

  YX-90A float-type oxygen inhaler(Unit:mm)

Product mode YX-90A
Applicable media 氧气
Input pressure 12-15MPa
Adjusting range 0.2-0.3MPa
Adjusting range of flow 1-10L/min
Specification 25MPa
Input port thread G5/8"
Output port thread Tapered connector, maximum diameter of the connect is 9mm±0.5mm
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