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Hot Products Recommendation2016-12-15

We strongly recommend you following hot products.

No.1 DP385 digital pressure gauges

It is applies a new generation of dynamic ratio measurement circuit with the selected imported sensor. The accurate temperature compensation, greatly improves the accuracy and long-term stability of pressure measurement. Because of the Micro power consumption design, it decreases the changing frequency of battery on a large scale. It is very suitable for field pressure measurement, laboratory use, general pressure gauge and precision pressure gauge measurement. It can completely replace the pointer precision pressure gauge.

It’s accuracy can extend 0.02% 0.05% 0.1% 0.2%.

For more info about the DP385 digital pressure gauges, pls check the following link:



No.2 Laser welding all stainless steel pressure gauge

Stainless steel pressure gauge is widely used in oil industry, chemical industry, chemical fiber industry, metallurgical industry, power station and so on. It can measure the pressure of all kinds of liquid medium in technological process which has higher requirement of corrosion-proof and anti-vibration.

We developed last year for laser welding 22 square all stainless steel pressure gauges, it can produce 63mm 100mm 150mm diameters,bottom connection and back connection. It not only have a good quality, but also have a very wonderful appearance. Welcomed by customers from many areas very well.

For more info about the laser welding stainless steel pressure gauge, pls check the following link:



No.3 Pressure calibrators

Pressure calibrators are suited for pressure gauges checking, adjusting etc. area. It is developed by our automation technology team, not is very popular in Chinese market. We hope customers from all over the world will also like it, and having the idea to know more about these instruments. For more info about these pressure calibrators, pls check the following link:



No.4 Shock resistance bi-metal thermometer

Shock resistance bi-metal thermometer is is a kind of on-site measurement instrument, which could read the temperature of the measuring medium from the dial directly. It is widely used in oil industry, chemical industry , mine, war industry, pharmacy, food industry, etc. to measure and control the temperature of vibrated gas and liquid.

It has advantages of rapid-response, easy reading, shock resistance, mercury-free, stability, long life, high protection level of IP65.

For more info about the shock resistance bi-metal thermometer, pls check the following link:



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