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YPF series diaphragm pressure gauge

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YPF series diaphragm pressure gauge

YPF series diaphragm pressure gauge

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◎Application Description

This gauge is suited for measuring the pressure of all kinds of liquid with some corrosion, nonsolidified or non-crystallized.

The material of diaphragm can be selected when the corrosion of the service medium is concerned. Outer case is made of stainless steel, and can be used in corrosive environment.


This gauge is made up of the measuring system (involve connector, flange and diaphragm), gear setting, point setting and outer case.

When the service medium pressure act on the flexibility parts (diaphragm), and make it move, with the stick help, sending and making it bigger, then the pointer point it out on the dial.

◎Main Technology Data

Type Corrosion resistance diaphragm pressure gauge, M20*1.5 male thread socket (YPF-A)
Corrosion resistance St.st diaphragm pressure gauge,M20*1.5 male thread socket (YPF-B)
Corrosion resistance flange type St. st diaphragm pressure gauge (YPF-BF)
Diameter Φ100mm Φ150mm
Measuring Range 0~0.06, 0~0.1, 0~0.16, 0~0.25,0~0.4. 0~0.6, 0~1, 0~1.6,0~2.5MPa,
-0.1~0, -0.1~0.06, -0.1~0.15,-0.1~0.3, -0.1~0.5, -0.1~0.9MPa,
-0.1~1.5, -0.1~2.4MPa
0~1.6, 0~2.5, 0~4, 0~6, 0~10,0~16, 0~25, 0~40KPa,
-1.6~0,-2.5~0, -4~0, -6~0, -10~0,-16~0, -25~0, -40~0KPa,
-0.8~0.8,-1.2~1.2, -2~2, -3~3, -5~5, -8~8,-12~12, -20~20KPa
Pressure Unit Mpa KPa
Accuracy Class cl.2.5
Case Material Cast aluminium (for YPF-A) Stainless steel (for YPF-B and YPF-BF)
Diaphragm Cr 15Ni7Mo(PH15-7Mo) 316L(≤25Kpa)
Gasket NBR (for YPF-A) PTPE (for YPF-B and YPF-BF)
Connector Stainless Steel
Mounting Type Installed vertically
Thread M20*1.5 (We can accept all kinds of thread from customers)
Protection grade Ip65
ENV Temp and -40~70°C, ≤90%
Relative Humidity
Temp Affect
ENV Temp deviate from 20±5°C,
additional error ≤0.4%/10°C

◎Main Technology Data

  YPF-100A YPF-100B YPF-100B-F YPF-150A YPF-150B YPF-150B-F
D f100 f110 f110 f150 f160 f160
H 57 57 57 80 80 80
h 42 42   43 43  
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