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Full plastic diaphragm pressure gauge

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Full plastic diaphragm pressure gauge

Full plastic diaphragm pressure gauge

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This gauge is made up of plastic pressure gauge for common use and full plastic diaphragm body. Diaphragm body type includes standard mode and I-shape mode.
The major components of full-plastic diaphragm pressure gauge are all made from plastic, the material of diaphragm is PTFE, which is excellently anti-corrosive. This gauge is suitable for chemical industry measuring the pressure of those strongly corrosive liquids or gas, including chlorine, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and so on.



YTP -75S YTP-100S



Measuring range 


Protection degree 


Temperature of working environment 


Gauge connector

copper alloy 

Diaphragm body material 


I-shape flange connection 

(refer to flange standard) 

Diaphragm connection 

standard connecting thread M20*1.5 

Gauge liquid filling 

filled with working-use silicone oil 

Working pressure 

static load, 3/4 of measuring upper limit 

Alternate load 

2/3 of measuring upper limit 

Instant pressure 

full measuring range 

◎Outline size(mm)

Model Size
D d1 Ch a b H
YTP-75S 90 79 17 13 37.5 137
YTP-100S 116 105 17 13 37.5 150
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