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LZWY-2-A portable pressure tester

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LZWY-2-A portable pressure tester

LZWY-2-A portable pressure tester

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◎Application description

LZWY-2-A portable pressure tester is an intelligent high precision calibration instruments specially designed for field instruments and sensors calibration. Internal is the micro pump which could provide stable pressure sign. It can not only measure pressure, but also measure voltage and current, input 24V feed power. It can directly check small range pressure transmitter, match with high precision pressure transmitter and big range pressure generator(hydraulic), so that can realize measurement from small scale to big scale. Which is small scale pressure output and measured by pressure tester directly, big scale pressure output and measured by pressure generator and special modules match with portable pressure tester.

Portable pressure tester built-in high-capacity nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries, ac/dc, has the character of small volume, light weight, convenient to carry, etc. which is an ideal product for field instrument calibration and maintenance.

◎Main character

1.High precision and high stability of pressure sign output and measurement

2.Input DC V, mV , mA

3.Match high precision pressure transmitter

◎Main technology data

1.output pressure(KPa):

0-100.00 KPa distinguishability 0.01 KPa accuracy:0.05%

2.measuring pressure(KPa):

Inscribed pressure sensor:0-100.00 KPa

distinguishability:0.01 KPa accuracy:0.05%

3. measure pressure(MPa):


distinguishability:0.001MPa accuracy:0.05%

4. output electrical signal

a. voltage:DC 00.000-30.000V

distinguishability: 1 mV, accuracy:0.05%

b. millivolt: DC 0.00-300.00 mV,

distinguishability:10uV accuracy:0.05%

c. milliampere :DC 0.000-30.000mA

distinguishability:1uA ,accuracy:0.05%

5. output current power: 24V DC30mA;(connected with pressure transmitter)

6. Outsize:240*280*90

7.power dissipation:10W


9. Working condition: temperature:-20~40°C,relative humidity:10-90RH

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