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Shock Resistance Pressure Gauge--Back Mounting

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Shock Resistance Pressure Gauge--Back Mounting

Shock Resistance Pressure Gauge--Back Mounting

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The shock resistance pressure gauge is mainly used in metallurgical industry, power station, oil
industry, chemical industry, and so on. The damp oil is filled inside the gauge and with the according buffer it has excellent shock resistance ability. It is well suited for measuring those medium which has strong pulsation or pressure concussion or service medium which disappear suddenly in the manufacture, or for the situation which shock violently. This gauge can measure the average value of the pulsing pressure of the gas or liquid, so that it can avoid the damage which is caused by the strong pulsation and violent shock and insure the measurement precision.


Dial Diameter

40mm 50mm 63mm 100mm 150mm

Measuring Range

Between -0.1~0~100MPa

Pressure Unit

Mpa psi bar kg/cm2 etc. (single or double scale both available)

Accuracy Class

±2.5% ±1.5%±1.0%

Case Material



Steel with brass

Bourdon Tube

Phosphor bronze



Mounting Type



Aluminum black




M20*1.5 G1/2 NPT1/2 G1/4 NPT1/4 G1/8 NPT1/8 etc.
(We can accept all kinds of thread from customers)

Ingress Protection

IP54 or IP65  

Oil Filled

Dry or oil filled (glycerin oil/silicone oil)

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