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WS-150 digital thermometer

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WS-150 digital thermometer

WS-150 digital thermometer

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Application Description

WS-150 digital thermometer are using new temperature testing IC match with imported thermal components, has the character of high accuracy, fast speed, wide scale of temperature measurement. It is widely used in the temperature measurement of storage, cold storage, aquaculture environment and industrial production process. Compare with common thermometer and bi-metal thermometer, the digital thermometer have the advantage of high accuracy, clear display, easy mounting, long life etc.

Main technology data



Accuracy class



Below 200°C is 0.1°C and display by minus,above 200°C is 1.0°C.


3.5 LCD

Working environment

Temperature:0-40°C  Humidity70%

Power supply

AAA 1.5V

Dielectric resistance


Dielectric strength

50Hz 2000V sinusoidal voltage ---will not been broken down within one minute

Pressure resistance of sensor protective tube  

Stainless steel   6MPa

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