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Explosion-proof electric contact pressure gauge

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Explosion-proof electric contact pressure gauge

Explosion-proof electric contact pressure gauge

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◎Application Description

This explosion-proof electric contact pressure gauge is designed according to GB38361.B83 and GB3836.2.B3, Meanwhile, it is manufactured according to the chart and technique document approved by the identified checking organization.

The meters can apply to measure pressure of non-crystal and non-condensing explosive mixture or non-explosive medium.

The meters could automatic control and signal alarm if they work with the electric apparatus parts with explosion-proof or other safety (for example, relay, contactor ,etc.).

◎Main Technology Data

Type&code Explosion-proof type (YX-160-B)
Measuring Range -0.1-0~-0.1-2.4MPa, -0.1~0~60MPa (As customers requirements)
Pressure Unit
Mpa psi bar kg/cm2 ect
Accuracy Class cl.1.5 cl.2.5
Thread M20*1.5 (We can accept all kinds of thread from customers)
Diameter 160mm
Mounting type Bottom
Controlling type Lower limit and higher limit
Contact power 10VA
Maxi al voltage 220V D.C or 380V A.C
Explosion-proof grade Exd II BT4
Weight 6kg
ENV Temp and
Relative Humidity
-10~50°C, ≤80%
Temp Affect ENV Temp deviate from 20±5°C, additional error ≤0.4%/10°C
Insulation strength 50Hz sine alternating current 2000V will lasting for one minute
Explosion-proof connection type and basis parameter

Case volume V(L) >0.5
Connection cover type Plane Cylinder (movable)
The min effective length of explosion-proof connection cover Lmm 15
The Min effective length from bolt hole edge to explosion-proof connection L1 8
The Max interspale of explosion-proof connection or Diameter dispersion Wmm 0.15
Falm-proof connection cover coarseness range Ra 3.2 1.6

Comments:length and dispersion width referring to explosion- proof case chart

Explosion-proof shell and accessory of the conducting pressure system

Accessory designation Material brand or designation Accessory designation Material brand or designation
Shell cover outlet box ZL102 (or ZL-102,ZL-101) Thin gasket L3
Connector 20
Axis cover QAI9-2 Spring 3J53
Watching window PMMA    

Comments concussion intension of watching window material is not over 4J. If watching window is broken, it can't be used anymore

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