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pressure gauge with electric contact

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pressure gauge with electric contact

pressure gauge with electric contact

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This gauge is suited for measuring the pressure of those gases or liquids which neither corrode copper alloys nor explode, nor crystallize. If the gauge is linked with the corresponding electric equipment, it will realize double controlling to the maximal pressure measurement and minimal
pressure measurement.
This gauge have the function of measuring and controlling, which can set the up limit and down limit of pressure value and the measurement was reliable. This gauge is well suited for the oil industry, chemical industry and power station and usually is link with the electric equipment.



Magnetic type (YXC), Non-magnetic type (YX)

Measuring Range

-0.1-0~-0.1-2.4MPa, -0.1~0~60MPa (As customers requirements)

Pressure Unit

Mpa psi bar kg/cm2 ect.

Accuracy Class



M20*1.5 G1/2 NPT1/2

(We can accept all kinds of thread from customers)


63mm 100mm 150mm

Mounting type

Bottom, back, with flange

Controlling type

Lower limit and higher limit, double higher limit, double lower limit

Maximal current


(Attention: when the current is 1A, the voltage is no more than 40V)

Contact power

30VA or 10VA

Maximal voltage

380V A.C or220V D.C 

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