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Stainless steel safety pressure gauge

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Stainless steel safety pressure gauge

Stainless steel safety pressure gauge

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◎Applications Description

The product is suitable for severe and corrosive environment. A safety clapboard is installed inside the gauge. There is pressure relief cover and hole on the back that can set free the inside pressure which might break the elastic element because of over-loading. It enhances safety for staff and facilities.

Oil-filled safety pressure gauge is shock resistance and damping, which can prevent the gauge inside from being hurt by vibration and meanwhile lubricate components inside and reduce abrasion.

This gauge series is widely used in food industry, medical industry, oil refining, chemical industry, oil offshore platform, well drilling, shipping industry and so on for measuring medias which are corrosive, non-viscous or non-crystalline

◎Main Technology Data


Anti-corrosive case pressure gauge
Anti-corrosive and shock resistance case pressure gauge


63mm 100mm 160mm

Measuring range

-0.1~0~100MPa (As customers requirements)

Pressure Unit

Mpa psi bar kg/cm2 ect

Accuracy class cl.1.0 cl.1.5 cl.2.5

Case material

Stainless steel


Stainless Steel (SUS304)

Bourdon Tube

Copper alloy/Stainless Steel (SUS316)


Stainless Steel (SUS304/SUS306)


Explosion proof double layer safety glass


Black Aluminum

Dial Aluminum
Mounting Type Bottom/ Eccentric Back
Thread M20*1.5 G1/2 NPT1/2 ZG1/2 G3/8 NPT3/8
(We can accept all kinds of thread from customers)
Protection degree IP54 (dry) IP65 (oil filled)
Temp of work ENV -20~60°C
Temp of work media ≤100°C
Protection degree IP54 (dry) IP65 (oil filled)

◎Working pressure and scope of application

Diameter: 63mm Diameter: 100/150/160m
Static pressure: 3/4* full range Static pressure: 3/4* full range
Dynamical pressure 2/3* full range Dynamical pressure: 2/3* full range
Instant pressure: 1.2* full range Instant pressure: 1.3* full range
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