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DP385 digital pressure gauge

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DP385 digital pressure gauge

DP385 digital pressure gauge

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◎Product Introduction

DP385 applies a new generation of dynamic ratio measurement circuit with the selected imported sensor. The accurate temperature compensation, greatly improves the accuracy and long-term stability of pressure measurement. Because of the Micro power consumption design, it decreases the changing frequency of battery on a large scale. It is very suitable for field pressure measurement, laboratory use, general pressure gauge and precision pressure gauge measurement. It can completely replace the pointer precision pressure gauge.

◎Application description

l Adjusting common pressure gauge

2 Adjusting precision pressure gauge

3 Adjusting sphygmomanometer

4 Adjusting other pressure instruments

5 High precision pressure measurement

◎Using environment

l Environment temperature: (-10~50) °C

2 Relative humidity:<95%

3 Atmospheric pressure: (86~106) KPa

4 Storage temperature: (-20~70) °C

◎Main character

l High stability: (0~50) °C temperature compensation. Temperature drift and time drift is small, immunity from interference

2 Pressure unit: MPa,bar,mmH2O、mmHg、inH2O、inHg、kg/cm2、psi、KPa、Pa、mbar ect. Which can realize 11 pressure units switch easily.

3 Two point adjusting, easy to operate.

4 Pressure sampling period could adjust


l Full view LCD screen, White back light, 5 digits display

◎Ways of power supply

l The built-in section DC9V mercury free alkaline battery, and also can connected with the external power adapter

◎Other data

l Diameter: headφ109mm × 40mm,length 175mm

2 Weight: about 0.6kg

3 Thread: M20 × 1.5 G1/2 NPT1/2(or According to customers requirements)

4 Communication interface:RS232,The baud rate 9600bps

◎Additional functions

l Temperature measurement: resolution 0.1 °C

2 Automatic Peak Records: Record the max and min value during measuring

3 Pressure percentage indicating: With the scale percentage numerical display range of pressure measurement

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