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Pressure reducer

Pressure reducer

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◎Application Description

All kinds of pressure reducer can adjust the high pressure in the container or tube to the pressure which is needed, and make the final pressure unchangeable. It is widely used in machine industry, shipping, metallurgical industry, chemical industry where the welding, cutting, autocontrolling is needed.

◎Main Technology Data

Type YQY
oxygen reducer
acetylene reducer
argon gas reducer
YQT Carbon dioxide reducer YQD-37A
Nitrogen gas
medium Oxygen Dissolution
acetylene gas
Argon gas Electric
heating 36V~220V
Carbon dioxide Nitrogen gas
Inlet Pressure 15MPa 3MPa 15MPa 15MPa 15MPa 15 or 20MPa
Adjusting range 0.1~1.25MPa 0.01~0.15MPa 0.15MPa adjusting 0.01~0.6MPa 0.1~0.25MPa 0.1~1.25MPa
Nominal flow capacity 40m3/h 5m3/h 25L/min 10m3/h 3-5m3/h 40m3/h
Weight 1.27kg 1.75kg 1kg      
Overall dimensions 175×170×125(mm) 280×165×170(mm) 140×75×180(mm)      
inlet connection G 5/8″ Frame G 5/8″ G 5/8″ G 5/8″ G 5/8″
outlet connection M16×1.5 M16×1.5-left M12×1 M16×1.5 M16×1.5 M16×1.5
Oxygen reducer Acetylene reducer
Argon gas reducer Carbon dioxide reducer
(electric heating)
Nitrogen gas reducer
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