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Precision pressure gauge

Precision pressure gauge

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◎Application description

Precision pressure gauge is mainly used for checking industrial general PG and accurately measuring the pressure of all kinds of medium which noncorrosive, noncrystalline and non-condensing for copper alloys or steel alloys.

The gauge has a mirror ring under the scale (A type and B type)t o read more clearly and more accurately. And has zero adjustable setting (B type).


This gauge is made up of measuring system, gear setting, pointing setting and outer case. The flexibility part is dealt with the special techniques to make the operation reliable. With the use of the high accurate gear setting,it can assure the high accuracy.

The principle of precision pressure gauge: The medium pressure acts on the flexibility part and make it move, with the help of connecting rod, magnified by the gear setting, and point it out on the dial.

◎Main technology data


Dial face(YB-150A, YB-200A) or Zero adjustable dial face (YB-150B YB-200B)

Diameter 150mm 200mm

Measuring range

-0.1~0;0~0.1; 0~0.16; 0~0.25; 0~0.4; 0~0.6; 0~1.0; 0~1.6;
0~2.5; 0~4; 0~6; 0~10; 0~16; 0~25; 0~40; 0~60;etc.

Pressure unit

MPa psi bar kg/cm2etc.

Accuracy class

0.6% 0.4% 0.25% (d iameter with 200mm type can reach 0.16%)





Bourdon tube Phosphor bronze chrome vanadium steel

Mounting type

Bottom, back
Bottom with flange , back with flange


M20*1.5 G1/2 NPT1/2 ect.

ENV Temp and
Relative Humidity
5~40°C ≤80%
Temp affect ENV Temp deviate from 20±3°C(Type A) or 20±2 (Type B), additional error ≤0.4%/10°C

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