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WTZ,WTQ series pressure thermometer

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WTZ,WTQ series pressure thermometer

WTZ,WTQ series pressure thermometer

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◎Application description

Capillary pressure thermometer is suited for measuring all media which has no corrosion for copper in industry area, if the media has corrosion, you should select anti-corrosion type, this gauge is widely used in machinery, textile, chemical, medicine, foodstuffs to temperature measuring and controlling. Anti-corrosive type adopt the stainless steel material which is suited for the liquids or gases which is corrosive.

◎Main Technology Data

Type Function Overall dia
Sight Case material
WTZ-280 Indicating Φ100 Φ150 Radial Bakelite St.st

◎Measuring Range

Measuring Range
WTZ-280 -20~60,0~100,20~120,60~160
WTQ-280 -40~60,0~50,0~120,0~160,0~200,0~250,0~300,0~400,0~500,0~600
Stick length (mm) 150~280 ( Tail length≤12M),200~330 (Tail length>12M)
Stick material Φ8, Φ10, Φ13, Φ14 copper pipe,Φ8, Φ10, Φ13, Φ14 st. st. pipe
Capillary material copper capillary/PVC capillary/st.st.capillary
Installation WTZ-280 M27×2 Movable male thread Material:copper,iron, st.st.
WTQ-280 M33×2 Movable male thread
Tail length 1M~20M >20M need special processing
Technology data Accuracy: ±1.5%, ±2.5%, contacts capacity: 220V/1A ( Non-inductive load 10VA)
Installation size 4"~Φ118mm 6"~Φ158mm

◎Overall Dimensions

WTQ -280
WTZ -280

Φ100 117 20 51 130 118
Φ150 157 20 51 172 160
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